LOTUS Point of Sale Terminal

Point of Sale Terminal

Our POS terminals offer online, real-time collections management services as merchants are guaranteed safe and secure payment processing.

Features & Benefits

  • Collections management
  • Receive instant value for payments made
  • Reduced cash handling charges
  • Improved account reconciliation
  • Eliminates the hassles of clearing & confirming cheques


  • You must have a Lotus Business Account (Savings or Current)

How to apply

  • Click here to fill the POS Enrollment Form
  • Contact us via Email

Merchant Payment

  • Merchant settlement is T+1. Settlement for transactions is completed a day after the day of the transaction.
  • Transactions done on Fridays and weekends get settled on Monday.
  • Transaction settlement is done as a bulk sum and not per transaction.

Viewing of transactions & Statement Generation

  • Merchants can view transactions and generate statements through LOTUS Grit.
  • Sign up to LOTUS Grit here
  • Once sign up is complete, you can log in using your valid username and password to view transactions and generate statements.

** Kindly click the button below to download the POS Merchant Application Form.

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Welcome to our web-based payments and collections solutions for small business and corporate organizations.

  • Secure payment transactions
  • A single view of all accounts, statement, and transaction history within the bank on the platform
  • Carry out transfers using NIP and NEFT,
  • Create domestic and international payments from a single solution
  • Custom duty payments for both import and export products
  • Access to payroll manager and salary payments through a single platform
  • Card Services- Request, set limit and block cards
  • Future value date – Schedule future payments while recipients receive funds on a set date.
  • Cheque Services- request for a cheque book, confirm and stop cheques
  • FX Bidding

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